Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rope holding tips

  1. Holding power is dependent on rope diameter so if changing a rope size or material check that your clutch will hold it.
  2. The line will always slip back a little as the mechanism takes hold, but try opening them closing the jammer whilst still under tension from the winch. This will give greater holding power and reduces slippage.
  3. Sleeving and gripping area can boost the holding power. A coating can be painted on the rope which improves working life.
  4. To save wear, the rope has to be tensioned on the winch before releasing it from the jammer. Under high loads it is essential to do this.
  5. Badly aligned rope leads to increased rope wear.
  6. Rinse the active end in soapy water. This will remove the coating from new ropes and improve the hold.
  7. Do not use mineral oil-based products to lubricate the stopper as this will cause the plastic to degenerate. Use a silicon-based product.